Police Department

The Platteville Police Department has 20 sworn officers and helps to maintain one of the safest small town environments in Wisconsin and the nation. The Platteville Police Station is located at the corner of Mineral and Fourth St., 165 N. Fourth St., Platteville, WI 53818-0780. Tel: 608-348-2313, Fax: 608-348-4916.

Command Staff

Under the general direction of the City Manager, the Chief of Police is responsible for planning, coordinating, supervising, and evaluating all police department operations. The two Lieutenants command the two major divisions in the police department reporting to the Chief of Police. One commander directs Operations and is responsible for all patrol personnel, the community policing coordinator, animal control, and the field training of new officers. The other commander directs Support Services and is responsible for all criminal investigative personnel including the direction of the community service officers, and school crossing guards. The Office Manager directs the telecommunications staff, technology support, and department clerical personnel. Together,the Management Team collaborates on budget preparation, policy development, program development, and the general administration of the Police Department.


Nixle Alerts

The Platteville Police Deparment is taking a critical step in creating a new communication path by sending alerts and advisories to the public as it happens. Nixle is a free notification service for government agencies to securely communicate with citizens via e-mail, SMS/text messages,  and Internet posts.

Nixle messages from the Platteville Police Department may include, but are not limited to, important information on car accidents, traffic diversions, fires, hazardous situations, severe weather, road closures, important construction information and other news or events officials feel is both proximate and personally relevant to the community.

The Police Department encourages you to sign up; it’s free and easy. To register, click here.


Platteville Police Warn of Non-Registered Traveling Salesmen | Sep 14, 2016
Last week The Platteville Police Department was contacted concerning solicitors attempting to get people to let them clean their carpets for free as part of a sales pitch for a vacuum manufacturing company. Today officers were able to make contact with the solicitors and identify them after a call from a concerned citizen that was suspicious of their activity.  The group was not registered as a traveling sales crew through the State Of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development as required by law.  We wanted to remind citizens about the concerns of traveling sales crews and the requirement for State and…
Platteville Police Respond to Man Trapped Underneath Trailer | Sep 07, 2016
On Tuesday, September 6th at approximately 9:43 a.m. the Platteville Police Department responded to 1015 Elm Street for a report of a male trapped underneath a trailer.  With the assistance of others in the area, officers were able to lift the trailer enough and the male was removed. He was then transported by Southwest EMS to their facility. It was later learned that while attempting to unload a piece of equipment, the trailer malfunctioned. While the male was underneath the trailer attempting to fix it, the trailer shifted, pinning the man.